Why It’s Best

Reefer Bond is the best adhesive to repair refrigerated truck liners and walls

See How Refer Bond Stacks up to the Competition!
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Get a Superior Bond, Super Fast

Reefer Bond is the cure for lengthy “curing times.” Before Reefer Bond, repairing a refrigerated trailer liner required hours – even days. That’s because conventional glues take days to become fully cured. Instead, Reefer Bond adhesive forms a super tight bond, super fast, with an easy-to-use precision aerosol system.

A Better, Stronger Seal

The Reefer Bond is built to last. Unlike other adhesives, Reefer Bond creates a durable, long-lasting seal between FRP laminates (such as Kemlite) and the reefer wall. In some cases, the bond formed is even stronger than the original manufacturer’s adhesion.

Brace Yourself…It’s Easy

Reefer Bond requires NONE of the time-consuming bracing needed to set a glue or standard adhesive to the reefer wall. Simply spray the back of the FRP or laminate surface, spray the wall, then attach. Reefer Bond is that simple – and that strong.